Why Photography is Important

The special memories you may make only happen once, so might as well capture them to keep and remember forever. Taking pictures through photography allows us to revisit these experiences, whether they may produce feelings of happiness, sadness, or anger. Not only that, but photographs also remind us of our love toward our loved ones and how they have continually impacted our lives. The greatest thing about photography, however, is that it holds no limits. Photographers don’t wait until a certain age to pick up or camera, but may rather pick up photography as a hobby or fun activity. Photography is available to anyone, allowing individuals to grow more connected and united to one another.

One a broader scale, however, photography allows humans access to events and technology outside of our abilities. Without decent pictures, many of us would not truly understand and visualize historical scenes of the past, which may record wars or tragic occurrences. For example, during 9/11, the photographer of “The Falling Man” continues to hold great praise for the emotional photo of a young businessman jumping off a Twin Tower. Although photographs allow us to look back on the happy memories, it also exposes us to the world’s tragedies as well.

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