1. Pop art is an interesting art style, applied to gather attention and contrast using colors, shapes, or symbols. Usually presented in groups of four photos, each picture presents a different “personality” and mood for viewers to feel.
  2.  This online photo is a great example of pop art because the subject of the picture is Marilyn Monroe (a very famous figure in pop culture), it includes vibrant, saturated colors, and provides bold lines. Not only that, but this example also provides a clear message viewers can take away from it.
  3. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s work, this picture follows a similar layout to many of his most famous pieces. For example, in his pop art piece of Campbell soup cans, he used vibrant colors to catch the attention of viewers, resulting in clear recognition and fame.
  4. Known to be the greatest pop art photographer in the industry, I decided to choose Andy Warhol because he experts in this style and truly brings his art to life.

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