Studio Portraits With Strobes & Gels

Unlike the strategies we used to achieve the “gel” effect, this photograph directly shines the coloured light onto the face of the subject. In doing so, it creates a cool, blue color, which adds to the mysterious mood. Not only that, but the single streak of white light, which paints one eye, adds interest and originality to the overall picture. Out of these components, however, I think the element that made this picture the most appealing was the subject’s facial expression. Compared to our efforts of looking “natural,” this subject seems to truly know what she is doing and what she is expressing. By doing so, it makes the picture look neither too boring, nor too awkward. The quality of the photograph also helps add to the satisfying effect of the picture, and the shadows and highlights also help attract the viewers’s attention. All in all, this picture definitely feels professional, as it exceeds the advantages provided by strobes and gels.

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