Other Worldly Landscapes

In order to achieve such results, I heavily depended on the “Hue/Saturation” feature on Photoshop. Before doing so, however, I first brainstormed of what would make these pictures look “unreal.” In the first photograph, I used the “Object Selection” tool to duplicate the tree, then flipped it vertically. From there, I applied the “Liquify” feature to form ripples all throughout the copy. Cranking up the saturation, I completely leveled up the picture, as it effectively highlighted the bright pinks and blues of the landscape. Although the first photograph took much effort, it was the second picture that needed the most attention and time to accomplish. With goals of creating a creepy, mysterious mood, I wanted to allow viewers a peak into the mountain, found in a dramatic hole amongst greater leaves and vines. The original picture, however, was much less interesting than the final result. The tool I most heavily relied on, with no doubt, was the “Clone Stamp” tool. Not only was I cloning multiple leaves and branches to darken up the foreground, but I was also cloning some areas of the mountain to lengthen the overall hill. Such work was extremely tedious, but after heightening the saturation, I’m satisfied with the overall result.

The original photographs:

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