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Despite its simplicity, silhouette photography truly adds to the mystery and beauty of capturing memories. The subject, presented as a black shadow, is cast in front of a brighter background to outline and fill in their shape. In order to achieve satisfying results, however, it is important to consider how silhouette photography goes against the usual rules and fundamentals of basic photography.

For example, unlike basic photography, silhouette photography calls to severely overexpose the shot, in which the camera meters for a brighter background. This is most comfortably possible when placed on manual mode, which allows photographers full-control and freedom over the settings and metering of the camera. By metering for the background, rather than for the subject, the overall result will help identify a cleaner, and sharper, subject.

Another important tip when shooting silhouettes is to plan ahead. The best silhouette photographs are of those with a clear subject, eliminating any other distracting shapes and/or objects from the frame. Although the incorporation of other details may help draw a more interesting result, it is better recommended to avoid such consequences or risks. The best way of doing so is by shooting up, towards the sky, as much less distractions are found in that direction.

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