Advertising/Commercial Photography

This advertisement presents a famous subject most individuals are familiar with, and uses their product to provide a new (and funny) twist.

The hidden meaning behind this advertisement provides a shocking, unfortunate reality. Although the message is simple, the blank expressions on the faces of the children adds onto the eerie mood.

The editing and blue/cool tones of the can and scenery help make the drink seem more delicious.


The company I am representing is Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, and I am advertising their ThermoFlask. Although the ThermoFlask is suitable for all groups, this ad is specifically directed toward traveling, adventurous individuals. Considering the simplicity of this advertisement, I would expect to see it published onto official websites. In order to make this look professional, I would need to use strobes, rather than the built-in flash within the camera. The main subject/prop of this advertisement would be the ThermoFlask itself. Light, pastel shades would blend well with the pure background.


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