HDR Photography

Honestly, I am very satisfied with the final results of my HDR photography. Although the faded figures of the subjects provide an interesting look, I think the overall result would have been much better without it. Regarding the clouds, though, I am glad they blend nicely with the original photo. In order to achieve the blend, I used the “Photo Filter” option to add an orange tint to the original picture. Not only does it fit well with the clouds, it also creates an “early in the morning” effect. In the future, I hope to have an opportunity to edit another HDR photograph without any moving subjects within it. Viewing online examples, I feel those clear pictures look the most neat, clear, and professional. Although I am happy with the final result of my photograph, I have no doubt that I could improve with more practice and time. In the future, instead of incorporating warm tints, I want to experiment with dark blues, or even light pastels. Hopefully, I will be able to look back at this picture in the future and be thankful of the dedication I put in to get better.

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