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Important Facts About Lenses:

1. When searching for an appropriate lens, consider your budget. Remember, lens’s with smaller apertures are typically more expensive.

2. Wide-angle lenses provide the greatest results when applied to scenes with prominent foreground objects.

3. Wide-angle lenses are from 10mm-35mm. Such lens is most useful when shooting in tight, small spaces, as it dramatizes the scene and subject.

4. Standard lenses shoot from 35mm-85mm distance.

5. Since standard lenses can adapt to many different subjects, distances, and places, these lenses are popular amongst professional photographers.

6. Standard lenses can shoot like a wide-angle lens and as a telephoto.

7. Standard primes only provide one, specific focal lens. Usually, these lens’s are between the 35mm-85mm range, which is why they are considered standard primes.

8. In the past, the most popular camera lens was a 50mm standard prime lens.

9. Although a standard prime lens limits a photographer’s ability to zoom in, it also allows them to challenge their abilities to provide the best composition.

10. Telephoto lenses can zoom in from 85mm-300mm, allowing photographers an extremely close shot to their subjects.

11. Photographers usually use telephoto lenses to capture subjects which are unapproachable, like small insects.

12. Sometimes, however, photographers grow too dependent on a telephoto lens and avoid the opportunity to really get close to the subject.

13. Unlike wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses result in a more compressed photo, rather than one that seems separate.

14. When shooting scenery, telephoto lenses sometimes allow the photo to look flat, or 2-d.

15. In sports photography, expensive telephoto lenses are used to truly capture the perfect moment. This, however, also requires a quick shutter speed, which may prove very challenging.

16. There are many other types of lenses photographers also use to shoot, but these ultimately depend on what they are shooting.

17. Macro lenses are used to shoot very, very tiny objects.

18. Tilt-shift lenses are typically used to shoot architecture.

19. Although there are many different lens options, all great photographers must consider the subjects they will be shooting to decide on the best fit lens.

20. Even the most expensive lenses may not be the right fit for you!


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