Through my collage, I hope to share my interests and hobbies to viewers who may not already know me. My name is Helena Kristle Nababan, and I am Indonesian-American. On my collage, I included the Indonesian national flower, the jasminum sambac, on the bottom right corner. Also, one of my all-time favorite shows is “Gilmore Girls”, but this love is strictly limited to seasons one and two. During these episodes, the bond between Lorelei and Rory is very wholesome and fulfilling to watch. Early Rory reminds me of myself, until her character slowly begins to evolve into one that I become easily frustrated with. I find myself re-watching these two seasons, and I wish the following seasons could have incorporated much of its innocence. Some other shows I enjoy watching include The Flash and Arthur. Growing up, my siblings and I grew up watching a lot of PBS Kids. Our television did not provide other TV channels, allowing us to grow attached to these shows. D.W. was always my favorite character, as I saw my little sister in the way she talked and acted.

 The library was my go-to place on campus in elementary school. Whenever given the opportunity, I never turned down the chance to read a new book. My favorite series was Dork Diaries, as it was written in a way different than other books I’d liked before. Because I was a fan of fiction, romance, and drama, the book series was perfect, as it presented such themes in an enjoyable way. Although I no longer stay updated on the newest arrivals, a part of me still gets excited thinking about the life of Nikki Maxwell.

 Although many may disagree, one of my favorite ice cream flavors is mint chocolate. Personally, I view the flavor as more refreshing than “clean.” No matter how hard I try, I will never truly understand how many argue such taste is similar to toothpaste. One thing I can argue for, however, is cats. Although they are very peaceful and calm, I am a victim of cat allergies. Because of this, I have naturally grown fond of dogs. This, however, has never been enough to convince my parents of adopting a dog. Ever since I could speak, they would excuse my pleas by explaining that taking care of a pet is impossible, if one cannot even “take care of themselves.” To this day, I hope my parents may sympathize with me, and gift my family a much-needed pet. 

Lastly, piano has been a great part of my life. My parents enrolled me into piano lessons at the age of three, and I continued to attend until a few years ago. Although these lessons allowed me to get better at the instrument, I felt more relieved when playing in my own time. Since I’ve quit piano lessons, I’m no longer as good as I used to, but I do feel more free and genuinely happy.



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