M, f/5.6, 1/100 SS, 800 ISO, 18mm

M, f/4.5, 1/60 SS, 800 ISO, 37mm

M, f/10, 1/2000 SS, 800 ISO, 34mm


  1. When deciding to photograph these pictures, I chose to use manual mode. Although many may have chosen differently, I feel the most comfortable using this mode when capturing still objects. 
  2. Based on my photos, I believe the proven subject carries much of the composition. Its colors and expressions catch the eye of the viewers, and the different angles of each shot account for different moods and viewpoints. For example, using the smudge tool, the second picture seems to tell a story of adventure and action. The red tones add to this feeling, allowing viewers to grow more interested in the overall picture. 
  3. Honestly, I wish I could have spent a longer time editing these photos. Although they are different than the originals, the creativity department is lacking. If given a different prop to use, I don’t believe my editing would have been sufficient to create good composition. Out of the three photographs, however, my favorite editing would be the second picture. 
  4. If I were to shoot this assignment again, I would bring more than one prop. That way, I could experiment with different settings, not being limited to what works well with the only subject I bring. Also, as mentioned, I would also spend more time editing. Considering the subject I did use for this shoot, editing ideas were endless. I regret not taking advantage of these ideas, and I hope I can incorporate them in future assignments. 
  5. Based on my own critique, I do not think these pictures should be included in the blog home page. I know I can do better, and I truly do not believe these pictures properly show my potential and capabilities. Hopefully, this assignment may be a lesson for me to advance my overall craft. 

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